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    The sneaker trend... its in, its current and its so very comfortable! 

    I wear sneakers all the time over the weekend and more recently I've started styling sneakers in to my workday week attire... it adds a less formal look to my daily media job. 

    I was lucky enough to chat to the team at New Balance this month ahead of the launch of their brand new chunky 708 Sneakers which I had so much fun styling and adding to my wardrobe

    All the details below, 
    M xx

    What’s your take on the chunky ‘dad’ sneaker trend? 
    What is it about them that you enjoy? 
    LOVE them, I can't get enough of wearing chunky sneakers with so many looks right now. I like that they make me feel on trend but in a casually effortless way, so I still feel polished/ edgy wearing them while being entirely comfortable. 
    How would you describe your personal style? 
    This is hard because I feel like my style is forever changing... 

    I guess what I would say that it is classic & clean a lot of the time but then sometimes a bit random and salty… I do like to wear things ahead of everyone else or differently/ a bit random just to show people how you can pull something off.  I also like to mix designer pieces with the most affordable, which I think is super important - it’s not all about the price tag of something and if you put items together well this can reflect that. 

    What’s the best way to make chunky sneakers work FOR you, not against you?
    So although I think they suit so many looks right now and I have been wearing with almost everything I do also still think its important to tie them into your outfit wherever possible. 

    Piece together a basic look but add in a funky blazer, maybe a bright lipstick or try to tie in part of your look with the colour of your sneakers.  So for example if wearing all black or all dark colours in your outfit then lighten up the entire look with a white or light sneaker and maybe even a bright lipstick. In a different look add light colours into your clothes to compliment the shoes, a white t-shirt under your dress, a light denim jacket around your waist or perhaps add a bag scarf that has white in its pattern. All simple things but also effective add ons to compliment. 

    One of my favourite looks to put together right now is sneakers with flared jeans or pants and just a jumper or basic t-shirt - easy to wear, versatile and effortless.

    Do you ever look to sports/active brands for Fashion inspiration? 
    All the time, I work full time in an office and although we dress smart casual most days I really look forward to weekends where I can dress almost entirely for comfort and in a mixture of activewear and fashion pieces paired together. 

    What’s the biggest ‘pinch-me’ moment that you’ve had with your business to date and why? 
    Oh I have had so many moments to be proud of with my little business but I guess it would be selling my By Mary t-shirts! Its crazy to think I can have an idea for something and people respond so positively to it, want to purchase them and wear something you have made!  Plus moments like this, being interviewed by you.
    I am lucky enough to work with not only New Zealand brands I love but international brands I love, sometimes I have to take a step back and be like woahhh this is pretty cool and humbling that these brands want to work with me. I am forever grateful.

    Want to see more, check out the 708's HERE and happy shopping! 



    I sat down with Aimee to chat so she could understand my style, personality and a bit more prior to creating my dream race day look. 

    I couldn't be happier with the beautiful dress we created and am still obsessing over it, thank you so much for helping me make the dress of my dreams while understanding my style and wants and becoming a friend. 

    All the details from her questions she asked me below + the DRESS!
    M x 

    MARY x LOVE AIMEE - Interviewed By Aimee 

    What does a typical day in the life of you look like?
    Monday to Friday I am on the grind, I work full time for NZME in my Media job which I love. After work each day at 5 I go to either pilates or head to the gym for a quick workout then its straight home to work on my own business projects & website. I spend up to a few hours working on my business every night, replying to emails posting out any orders from my online shop & general updates & social media admin. By the time I finish my day its usually around 8pm, I have dinner if I haven’t already and then I’m into bed early to try & chill out before zzzz.

    Do you dress for comfort or style?
    Straight away I yell STYLE in my head…. but I guess the weekends & when I am in active wear which is lots I most definitely am dressed for comfort. I do own my fair share of uncomfortable shoes & pants to tight though... and if I think something is stylish I will just make it work. 

    What is your current go to look?
    So I have a couple… (outside of active wear which I love haha).  Boots with everything! I don’t really wear heels to often being 6foot tall already, I love wearing ankle boots with any look so definitely boots and a mini dress + they are so comfortable especially to go out in.
    Secondly sneakers & pants… so many cool pants around at the moment, I am loving wearing sneakers with a pair of dress pants, again comfortable as.

    How would you describe your style?
    I think everyone has parts of their body they love more or things about yourself you like or don’t & we dress to suit these. Mine is definitely my legs, I like having my arms covered & legs out & not wearing anything too tight around my waist too often so I definitely buy to my body & what I feel best in but my style is kind of forever changing. I would say hmmm I guess that my style is classic & clean a lot of the time but then sometimes a bit salty… I like to wear things differently or something random just to show people how you can pull something off. I also like to mix designer pieces with affordable as well, it’s not all about the price tag & if you put items together well this can reflect that. 

    Who is a woman that inspires you?

    I am going to stick to keeping this about fashion…  so Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat on Instagram).   She is fashion blogger/ style icon who is from New York & I really find her business accomplishments & of course her style so inspiring. She’s the same age as I am & I find her both relatable & inspirational.
    Also my Mum… can I slip her in there (her patience & heart inspires me).

    What is the biggest risk you have taken that has paid off?
    Really has to be starting my own business. Quitting a full time job to do something not many people understood at the time (when I started Borrowed By Mary clothing rentals in Chch no one was doing it and people didn’t quite understand renting as a service). I lived with my Mum at home & invested all of my savings which was a big risk & it has paid off. I have learnt a lot along the way & it hasn’t been easy and even though I am not yet where I want to be with my business I am able to connect with so many people through my social channels and website/ shop/ rentals which is extremely rewarding.

    How would your parents describe you?
    A little crazy haha but in the good way! Also very driven, hardworking and I think Mum would say I am an expensive child with expensive taste.

    What do you feel most proud of?
    My friends.  I have a very strong, supportive & amazing group of ladies around me / in my life that I feel so proud to call my best friends. 

    What hobby would you get into if time and money wasn’t an issue?
    This is such a hard question, I don’t know if it’s a hobby but I would love to do something around helping Animals. So maybe I would like buy a big island somewhere & then adopt a whole bunch of unwanted animals or less fortunate animals, you know save them from animal cruelty situations around the world & then fly them all out to this island sanctuary to live out their lives. Yes I like this idea, that’s what I would do for sure.

    What are some things you’ve had to unlearn?
    You can’t do everything yourself, its ok to ask for help instead of taking on too much.  Also a phrase I really like is… ‘You can’t be everything to everyone’.



    Winters a dragggg.... so let's lighten up your wardrobe with some new bright and bubbly goodness. 

    Thank you to the lovely and talented Rosa Horncastle of Designed by Rosa for bringing my ideas to life. 

    I hope you love the new colours and t-shirts/ hoodie just as much as I loved making them. 

    Find all the new stuff here.

    Happy Shopping!!! 
    M xx


    So Coachella was always a high priority on my bucket list and last year I survived it! My BF Sara and I hit California for the festival last year and I would one hundred and fifty percent go again. 

    I learned a lot from going along, and so I thought I would share my experience and mini guide again for going to the festival if you are heading along this year or you decide to go one day (which you should). 
    Which weekend to go? 
    Coachella runs over two weekends, we chose weekend one which is the one most people go to and most celebrities go to.   If you want a less busy experience then the second weekend is a little more laid back and a lot of locals in Palm Springs choose to go. If you are superhuman then you could go to both.

    How to get tickets and accomodation for future goers? 
    We booked our tickets and hotel package almost 8 months before, however there are different packages you can get almost right up until the event.  We decided to book this all via the Coachella website so it was legit and not a scam + it was actually super affordable. It included our 3 day passes, 5 star accommodation & shuttle passes to and from the event each day which was about 30min away.   It turns out Palm Springs is HUGE, well a lot bigger than I originally thought. We had friends that stayed in hotels that were about an hour shuttle / drive to the event, so prepare yourself for the shuttle to and from the event each day and maybe pick a hotel that is closer. The JW Marriott where we stayed was amazing and I would recommend staying there, it had an amazing pool, real flamingos (highlight) and everything you needed at the hotel. Some of the bigger hotels like the Hilton had massive pool party with famous DJ's each day before Coachella, this is something to look into as well if you want to start your day earlier. 

    Will I see famous people? 
    Yes if you lucky! We saw loads of Australian celebs we recognised roaming or walking between stages but your big celebrities like artists and the Jenners etc hide away in artist and VIP tents and lounges!  You can buy VIP tickets though they are just a lot more. The most famous person I saw was Steph Clare Smith, she was stunning in person and I had a total fan girl moment and ran after her and got a photo. She was so nice and her boyfriend Josh took the photo... I die on the inside looking back on my outfit this day... haha wow (also I don't know why but I couldn't get this photo to load large... probably a good thing). 

    What to wear? 
    Ok so anything goes, I mean its COACHELLA... one of the biggest festival fashion events in the world right. I was actually so stressed about what the heck I would wear before going, I normally wear whatever I want to events and am so prepared with my clothes in advance but I felt so much pressure to look "cool". I had some nightmare items arrive that I had ordered online, one was too small one looked terrible and I found myself about 2 weeks out with nothing to wear to any of the days.. it was a NIGHTMARE for me who is super outfit organised. It also can get so expensive so I totally put my outfits together on a budget.   My entire trip to Coachella and America was pricey enough already so Sara and I actually shopped on ASOS, Lioness, Verge Girl and Glassons to find fun festival outfits which were all really reasonably well priced and had quick shipping.

    I think as long as your conformable (so you can go crazy dancing) and then also take a long sleeve for the evening (as it could get colder once the sun went down) then you cant go wrong.  There were so many amazing outfits to stalk on people once there and that was so fun to see, I had major outfit envy over so many people.   Oh but also so important - good shoes! Your standing for well over 12 hours, walking a lot and dancing in dust all day so you need flat shoes or boots that will last. I made the mistake of wearing new boots the first two days and my feet were literally still recovering from blister scars (gross) weeks later! 

    I also lol at some of the things I wore just one year ago. 

    At Coachella
    - Take a bandana! This was key (I also felt super gangster wearing), but there is high winds and dust storms and you actually needed the bandana to protect you from them. 

    - Allow 45 minutes to get in! The lines got longer each day and you definitely need to allow time to walk in and get past all the security checks. + If you want an R21 wrist band to buy drinks you will have to line up seperate daily for this. The lines aren't bad but I would suggest going earlier in the day... the later it gets the longer the lines. 

    - Get the Coachella App! Yes they have there own app, so cool right? This was so helpful for putting together a schedule and planning who to see when. (Also a shootout to my friend Ty who is festival King, he actually wrote me a schedule of events before I went).
    - Ferris Wheel, you have to go on this as it gives you the most amazing view of the entire festival and you look over all the people and stages and everyone is so tiny like ants. Its pretty surreal seeing all the people, camp and stages from that high! A friend told me to do the ferris wheel on the second day, there was literally no line to go up and so we didn't have to wait. The hype of the ferris wheel makes lots of people go one day 1, and then if you've forgotten the rush to go happens on day 3... so choose day 2! We went right as the sun was about to set it was beauuttifullll. 

    - FOOD. Ok so the food is amazing, there are so many amazing food stalls though so get there early and eat your heart out and try as much as you can - I wish we had tried more.

    To sum everything up it was AMAZING. Thanks to my soul sister Sara for being the best festival buddy ever and well done for surviving three days at your first festival.

    M xx 

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