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    Thanks to the lovely ladies of Serendipity Ave  for the feature in their amazing Girl Boss section. I decided to repost my interview here, happy reading you might learn something new! 

    M x 

    Mary Outram from New Zealand

    Where do you live and how old are you?
    I am twenty five (eeek but I don’t really feel like I am and I really don’t want to get older haha I feel like this is the best age).

    I was born and also live in Christchurch although I grew up and did all of my schooling in Nelson. Christchurch is definitely home for me. I’ve moved away a few times over the years, London, Sydney, Queenstown but I always come back and I really do love it here and love the people.

    What does a normal day in the life of Mary look like?

    My days are always so different and that’s why I love my job. I work part time on my site and then I run my own small company ‘Monday PR’. My hours are split really evenly between all my work but I chop and change what I’m doing and for who all the time depending on meetings, appointments and what I might have on. Ok, so maybe I will just take you through what an average day may look like:

    • 6.30am – Gym
    • 8am – First Coffee (Addicted, send help)
    • 9am – I am usually still in my active wear still and begin working from my home office responding to emails and listing what I need to get done for the day.
    • 10.30am – Walk around the park by my house (My brain never functions in the morning and I often don’t do a lot of work until the afternoons or late into the evening + I like to workout in mornings). Almost all my friends don’t work a 9-5pm job so I often walk with someone and we get coffee at our local cafe (This will then be coffee number 2 for the day).
    • 12pm – By midday I am usually dressed out of activewear and ready for the day. I spend the afternoons at any meetings I may have with clients or potential new clients and then back at my computer working away. A lot of my work time is spent online, looking at fashion sites, at what’s trending, what’s new etc and then of course a lot of time on social media. The work I do for Monday PR is a lot of social media, but it also sees me freelance in other random jobs, events, promotion planning, poster design, photography. So not only do I run my own Instagram pages and Facebook, but I work on them for other people also.
    • 2pm – If I have any orders or rentals to get out I do a post shop and coffee run to get some fresh air out of the house (We are now at coffee number 3, I am bouncing).
    • By 6pm I usually am still working, some days I have lovely ladies over to my house for a Borrowed By Mary fitting.
    • 7pm – I might catch up with a friend for dinner or go to the gym (if I haven’t been in the morning) or ill work late if I haven’t done enough.
      P.S. Coffee addict… so I am cutting back and don’t always have three haha.

    Mary Outram from New Zealand

    What made you start working for yourself?
    Lifestyle, I don’t make a lot of money but I love my freedom. I have to remember how lucky I am to have this freedom at this stage in my life to be able to do everything I am doing. I also wanted to feel proud about something that was just my own but that I could still share with people. My Blog/Shop/Site is something I love doing and I love that its just me and I can put whatever I do or don’t want on it based on my own thoughts and opinions… I call it my baby.

    Who is your biggest inspiration?
    Honestly my Mum… is that cliche? I would not be able to achieve anything I have without the support I’ve had from her always. Not only did she let me move back home into her house (which if you have ever visited me for a Borrowed By Mary fitting you will know is small) but I have taken it over with everything I own and I use spaces all over the house even Mums room for storage. I have clothing racks, clothing horses for cleaning, irons, a steamer, my backdrop stand… the list goes on. My Mum is so supportive and inspirational for me and she has seriously never doubted me and always pushed me not to settle for anything less than average.

    Quote to live by?

    To live with no regrets, cheesy? meh I don’t care I love it and I even have it tattooed on my body and so does one of my besties Emily. No regrets.

    1 thing no one knows about you?
    A lot of people don’t know what my tattoo means/ have never seen it… I posted my first bikini pics on my feed last year and that was probably the first time I’ve shown it to anyone (even my Mum) even though I’ve had it since I was 19.

    What advice would you give your younger self?
    Look after yourself and your body! So I spent my late teenage years and first few years out of school a bit overweight and really unhealthy and unhappy. I didn’t really know much at all about looking after your body or staying healthy as part of my lifestyle but it makes such a difference to how you feel when you look after your body. 
You only get to live once, live with no regrets and be the best version of yourself you can be which means loving yourself and your body and looking after it. 

    Have you had any road block or failures? If so how did you overcome them?
    Oh god, all the time. I was once told that if I had to go out and get 100 No’s to something I wanted before I got that one Yes then what would I do? I would go and get those 100 No’s wouldn’t I. So you just keep going, find a way to see past whatever is standing in the way. 
My friends and family are also amazing at helping me stay positive and reminding me what I am capable of if anything doesn’t feel like its going right and I always like to look at the glass half full instead of half empty.

    Mary Outram from New Zealand

    Recent Girlboss moments?

    I recently released some t-shirts designs/ prints I worked on to sell in my SHOP, I have never thought in my wildest dreams I would make something people would love and want to buy. (I am not a good sewer and didn’t actually make the t-shirts myself or anything) but it’s a pretty rewarding and fuzzy feeling having people support you like that.

    Favourite snack?
    Hands down Popcorn! I literally have popcorn all the time and pop it myself – so satisfying to make! If anyone needs a lesson in how to make, honestly message me I have a trick to it and it never burns, well except for the one time I forgot about it and completely smoked out my house oops… but besides that one time (if you follow me you may have seen on Insta story) its always perrrfecttt!


    So Coachella has always been a priority on my bucket list and now I can say I survived it! I learned a lot from going, some things I picked up from friends who have been before (thank you for answering all of my annoying questions - you know who you are) and other things I learned myself.   I thought I would share my experience and mini guide for going to the festival if you decide to go one day (which you should). 

    Which weekend to go? 
    Coachella runs over two weekends, we chose weekend one which is the one most people go to and most celebrities go to.   If you want a less busy experience then the second weekend is a little more laid back and a lot of locals in Palm Springs choose to go. If your superhuman then you could go to both.  

    How to get tickets and accomodation? 
    We booked our tickets and hotel package almost 8 months before, however there are different packages you can get almost right up until the event.  We decided to book this all via the Coachella website so it was legit and not a scam + it was actually super affordable. It included our 3 day passes, 5 star accommodation & shuttle passes to and from the event each day which was about 30min away.   It turns out Palm Springs is HUGE, well a lot bigger than I originally thought. We had friends that stayed in hotels that were about an hour shuttle / drive to the event, so prepare yourself for the shuttle to and from the event each day and maybe pick a hotel that is closer. The JW Marriott where we stayed was amazing and I would recommend staying there, it had an amazing pool, real flamingos (highlight) and everything you needed at the hotel. Some of the bigger hotels like the Hilton had massive pool party with famous DJ's each day before Coachella, this is something to look into as well if you want to start your day earlier. 

    Will I see famous people? 
    Yes if you lucky! We saw loads of Australian celebs we recognised roaming or walking between stages but your big celebrities like artists and the Jenners etc hide away in artist and VIP tents and lounges!  You can buy VIP tickets though. 

    What to wear? 
    Ok so anything goes, I mean its COACHELLA... one of the biggest festival fashion events in the world right. I was actually so stressed about what the heck I would wear before going, I normally wear whatever I want to events and am so prepared with my clothes in advance but I felt so much pressure to look "cool". I had some nightmare items arrive that I had ordered online, one was too small one looked terrible and I found myself about 2 weeks out with nothing to wear to any of the days.. it was a NIGHTMARE for me who is super outfit organised. It also can get so expensive so I totally put my outfits together on a budget.   My entire trip to Coachella and America was pricey enough already so Sara (my babe in all the snaps) and I actually shopped on ASOS, Lioness, Verge Girl and Glassons to find fun festival outfits which were all really reasonably well priced and had quick shipping.
    I think as long as your conformable (so you can go crazy dancing) and then also take a long sleeve for the evening (as it could get colder once the sun went down) then you cant go wrong.  There were so many amazing outfits to stalk on people once there and that was so fun to see, I had major outfit envy over so many people.   Oh but also so important - good shoes! Your standing for well over 12 hours, walking a lot and dancing all day so you need flat shoes or boots that will last. I made the mistake of wearing new boots the first two days and my feet are literally still recovering now from it with blister scars (gross). 
    - Take a bandana! If you follow me on snapchat you will see I wore one each day. This was key (I also felt super gangster wearing), but there is high winds and dust storms and you need the bandana to protect you from them.  

    - Allow 45 minutes to get in! The lines got longer each day and you definitely need to allow time to walk in and get past all the security checks. + If you want an R21 wrist band to buy drinks you will have to line up seperate daily for this. The lines aren't bad but I would suggest going earlier in the day... the later it gets the longer the lines. 

    - Get the Coachella App! Yes they have there own app, so cool right? This was so helpful for putting together a schedule and planning who to see when. (Also a shootout to my friend Ty who is festival King, he actually wrote me a schedule of events before I went).
    - Ferris Wheel, you have to go on this as it gives you the most amazing view of the entire festival and you look over all the people and stages and everyone is so tiny like ants. Its pretty surreal seeing all the people, camp and stages from that high! A friend told me to do the ferris wheel on the second day (best advice ever Alice), there was literally no line to go up and so we didn't have to wait. The hype of the ferris wheel makes lots of people go one day 1, and then if you've forgotten the rush to go happens on day 3... so choose day 2! We went right as the sun was about to set it was beauuttifullll. 

    - FOOD. Ok so the food is amazing, there are so many amazing food stalls though so get there early and eat your heart out and try as much as you can - I wish we had tried more. 

    To sum everything up it was AMAZING. Thanks to my soul sister Sara for being the best festival buddy ever and well done for surviving three days at your first festival.

    M x 



    So I have wanted to do a basic t-shirt line to sell and for fun for some time now but I have also been trying to think about what to put on my t-shirts to make them different.

    I hope you love my t-shirts and ex or no ex they still make the perfect staple for an outfit and look great styled with jeans and a blazer or bomber for winter!

    it wasn't me, it was you 
    your loss babe 
    i drink champagne now 

    Shop now a couple tabs over in my SHOP section. 

    M x

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