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    This month for my first ever By Mary Muse I caught up for 5 minutes with Twenty two year old poet and author Charlotte Bekhor. With words and wisdom well beyond her years she has just realised her first ever published book –
    The Beauty and Her Beasts, A collection of modern poetry about loss vs. love.

     Find out what’s inspiring her, what she’s wearing and shop The Beauty and Her Beasts in time for Christmas via my shop here.

    What inspired you to begin writing?  
    I've always loved the way words can make you feel. I used to write songs when I was a little girl about things I would witness from an 8-year-olds perspective. I have always been an observer. I looked almost too closely at things; like how waves so effortlessly rolled onto shores or the way my father looked so lovingly at my mother. As I grew with age, so did my experiences, which eventually turned into poetry about heartbreak, grief and love. 

    Do you have a favourite page or quote from The Beauty and Her Beasts?
    I have three chapters in my book; Bitter, Bones and Beauty. Here is a favourite poem from each...

    'i sit on the sand
    and watch the waves break
    oh how much in common
    i have with you

    'when heaven pulled him close
    and whispered in his ear
    she took his hand
    and pledged to find him
    in every other life time
    eternal love'

    'growth takes time
    and time takes patience'

    What was the last piece of clothing you brought?
    Apart from writing, clothes and fashion let me feel something. Clothes started off as a necessity, but now I view them as powerful. Having the ability to reflect your mood, personality and make yourself known through what you wear is a beautiful thing.

    Hailey Bieber and Matilda Djerf have the most influential fashion on me. The way the two women break societies construction of female beauty by adding masculinity really empower me and the pieces of clothing I choose to buy. The. last two items of clothing I have bought are Pangia flared track pants in three different colourways; pink, grey and white, and the Are You Am I Sunniva Corset in black. Both of these can be styled up or down and are timeless in their sense of durability, sustainability and style.  

    You’re most loved clothing item and how do you style it? 
    This may be a strange one, but my GUESS shoulder bag. I own this in two colour ways; bright pink and beige. It is a very affordable version of the Prada Re-nylon edition 2000. I really believe a statement bag can make you look very put together no matter if you're wearing pyjamas or attending the MET. I recently wore the pink version of this bag to my 22nd birthday with a Realisation Par black dress and it added the perfect amount of colour for a very muted look.

    If you could meet any famous author dead or alive who would it be? 
    Hands down Rupi Kaur, she’s the kind of women id want to sit on a park bench with and observe everything beautiful around us. She is a huge inspiration for me, my writing and my goals. 

    How do you practice self-love and what do you do to make yourself feel good?
    I really believe in gratitude, every night I write down three things I am grateful for, whether that be small or big. I believe this has a huge impact on our self-awareness as well as having good outweigh the bad. I even wrote a poem on this! 

    'when you see the great
    as greater
    in return
    the worst becomes
    nothing but
    blind to you'  

    I hope you enjoyed my first ever By Mary Monthly Muse, 

    Mary xx