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    Hi, I'm Mary and I’m the girl behind maryoutram.com – thanks for stopping by!

    My background is in Media and Fashion and I started blogging in 2014 as a creative outlet and I also needed somewhere to start storing all my fashion pictures. My blog has evolved each year, in early 2016 I launched Borrowed By Mary clothing rentals (these are now available to lend via Designer Wardrobe). Then in 2017 I went on to launch my By Mary 'SHOP' where you can shop affordable things I love and bring to you. 

    I also work a full time dream job in fashion for the NZ company Designer Wardrobe.  Alongside this I freelance as a stylist and creative for all things fashion. 

    I hope that I can inspire you, as well as show you how fun and stylish life can be.

    M xx